Future Generation Nepal

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Our Story

Future Generation Nepal was established in 2019, but our history goes back much further in the areas of child protection, human rights and social development. Many of us worked as part of the team for the innovative United States INGO, Next Generation Nepal and its local partners. Next Generation Nepal pioneered family reintegration from illegal child care homes in Nepal, as well as playing a pivotal role in the legal recognition of orphanage trafficking and the harm caused to children by orphanage voluntourism from the US State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report.

It was through Next Generation Nepal that today’s Future Generation Nepal team gained experience on the sensitivities and conduct on how to rescue and reunify trafficked children with their families. We were involved in reunifying over 400 children with their families and reconnecting over 700 more.

We were “first responders” during the Nepal earthquake in 2015 to prevent a rise in orphanage trafficking by those taking advantage of the emergency conditions that existed in the hard-hit areas which left families homeless and destitute. Many of us were also involved in the training and capacity building of the Nepal Government and other like-minded organizations that worked alongside us following our lead.

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