Future Generation Nepal

We Are A Grassroots on the Ground Local Nepali-Run Non Profit Organization

 Local leader in Child and Family Protection in Nepal

About Us

Future Generation Nepal (FGN) is a Nepal Government registered nonprofit organization founded in 2019 by a young and dynamic team of passionate individuals. Our senior staff have over 12 years’ experience in child protection, human rights and social development. We are experts in the deinstitutionalization of child care homes including rescues, managing “temporary safe houses”, family reintegration and alternative care. Poverty can be a key factor in family separation and Future Generation Nepal offers family strengthening livelihoods to families in need and are vulnerable to child trafficking.

Our staff are experienced “first responders” to unplanned situations caused by natural disasters and emergencies. We first learned these skills during the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and used them during the COVID-19 pandemic to help over 100 vulnerable families and children. We provided families and their children with relief support including food, supplies, and hygiene kits to survive the Covid-19 crisis and not become the victims of traffickers.

Our team is trained, experienced and reliable in implementing projects for our funding partners. Future Generation Nepal works closely with other local organizations, local community leaders, teachers, government officials and influencers.

Program Implementation

Where We Work

Our Partner and Future Goals

Our Partners and Future Goals

All our projects are funded by our long-term partner, Next Generation Nepal, US based NGO. Our goal is to expand our work in the sector of child protection, continue working in the de-institutionalization of child care homes, alternative care, preventing family separations as well as to become involved with women and family issues . Our team is well trained and capable to broaden our reach into new areas of protection. We hope that new partners will have an interest in who we are and what we do and we welcome your inquiries.

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