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Rupa Sitaula
Director (Co-Founder)

In 2009, Rupa served as a volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal as a fundraiser for the organization.

She soon found out that the orphanage that she thought was helping children was actually abusing children. She soon realized that the orphanage was trafficking children from vulnerable families and profiting by arranging forged child adoption papers. Rupa played a key role to rescue 20 children from the orphanage who were at risk by putting her own life at risk. Since then, she has been committed to enter the field of child protection.

Rupa’s career in child protection began in 2011, working for a local NGO as a social worker where she was involved in rescuing and reintegrating over 200 children. Rupa worked for Next Generation Nepal in 2019 where she joined the NGN team as Program Operational Manager until 2021. Rupa is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in a non-profit organization.

Rupa has spent hours over the years in determining actual costs for precise budgeting, management and project planning and project implementation. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies focused in Project Management and Human Resource Management.

Rupa leads the FGN team and oversees FGN’s programs, finances including Rescue, Reintegration, Transit Home, Trafficking, Prevention, Advocacy and the Scholarship Project.

Rupa is the main point of contact for FGN who has responsibility for organizational development, strategic planning, project implementation, networking and fundraising for our programs. Rupa deals with government bodies, donors and provides technical support to the program team for the effective implementation of activities.

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Ram Sharan Shrestha
Admin and Finance Manager (Co-Founder)

Ram is from the small village of Ramechhap. He began his career in 2007 as an Admin and Finance Officer at a local NGO.

He has over 15 years experience in the field of non profit management including NGO and INGO. He completed his Master’s Degree in Business Management. Ram is one of the founding members of FGN and also serves as Admin and Finance Manager at FGN.

Ram Sharan is responsible for overseeing FGN’s office and finances. His responsibility includes managing day-to-day financial matters of FGN, including Year End/Month End closings, supervising required audits, keeping systematic financial records, ensuring finance policies and legal compliances are followed by the project team, playing a key role in budget and forecasts, planning and ensuring implementation of internal controls and administrative system, policy and procedures and providing our funding partner current and accurate reports as required.

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Bashu Phuyal
Program Coordinator (Founding Member)

Bashu Phuyal has over 19 years long experience in the field of child protection,  woman and youth empowerment

Bashu Phuyal has over 19 years long experience in the field of child protection, and youth empowerment serving over 600 children including victims of trafficking and street children and 50 youth directly during his tenure at Voice of Children, THIS and CoCoN.

Bashu joined the FGN team in 2021 and has been leading FGN’s project team as Program Coordinator. He is responsible for implementing, coordinating, monitoring, supervising, and evaluation of FGN’s project activities. Bashu plays a key role to support FGN’s senior management with strategic and operational plan, development and management of the projects and providing technical support to the projects’ officers. Ensuring FGN’s all activities remain legally compliant with Government of Nepal’s laws and policies in relation to FGN’s projects’ activities. Bashu continues to advocate for rights of the children in Nepal and he is an active member of the Child Right Committee of Kageshowri Municipality. Bashu has Bachelor Degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University.

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Sundar Lal Kumal
Reintegration Project Officer

Sundar has completed his Masters’ in Social Science from Tribhuvan University. His responsibility at Future Generation Nepal is reuniting trafficked and displaced children with their families. 

As a Reintegration Officer, he is frequently trekking through the remote mountain villages searching for the families of the rescued children and monitoring the children who have been reunited with their families. He works closely with the Government of Nepal on case management, assisting rescue operations, finding children at risk, family tracing, and reconnecting children with families.

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Tika Oli
Prevention Project Officer

Tika Oli is responsible for day-to-day implementation of Trafficking Prevention Project. Project officer works closely with community leaders, stakeholders, local official child club members, schools, parents, transportation management committees, teachers, social activists.

Prevention Project officer is responsible for leading our team in the field for conducting advocacy events including street drama shows, training and orientation meetings to raise awareness on dangers of trafficking and promote family-based care in trafficking prone communities.

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Kiran Bikram Moktan
Program Assistant

Program Assistant assists our team with day-to-day operation including office administration and keeping records.

Kiran started his career tutoring students at St. Xavier Social Center in Jawalakhel.

He has since worked in administration and as a finance officer at Informed International Education Support in Kathmandu. Kiran has completed his Bachelor’s degree in sociology and Bachelor’s in Law (LLB).

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Aja Bahadur Shahi
Feild Assistant

Aja Bahadur Shahi is responsible for assisting Project Officer with field-based work including searching for families, assessing family situation of rescued children, running advocacy events and managing transportation, necessary logistic stuffs and taking photos of the field events for the reporting.

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Our Community Activists
Our Atreet Drama Team

Our street Drama actors are professional trained actors who trek through remote vulnerable communities and put on street plays to raise awareness on dangers of trafficking and promote family-based care in trafficking prone communities.

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