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Stakeholder Emphasis on the Child Trafficking Prevention – Himalayan Times (03-12-2023)

Stakeholders in the Kalikot district have emphasized to focus on prevention of illegal trafficking and trafficking of children. At the meeting of the advisory committee of the prevention project against illegal trafficking and trafficking of children held in the district administration office, Kalikot, the district headquarter of Manwa, the stakeholders emphasized that special attention should be paid to the prevention of child trafficking and trafficking.

Taking advantage of the weak economic situation in the remote districts like Karnali and Kalikot, many children are lured and taken to the different cities so most of the children are at trafficking risk. In the last few years, children have been forced to change their religion by keeping them in children’s homes by providing them free lodging, food and education. The participants said that there are also incidents of parents collecting money by sending their children to such places. The chief guest of the program Chief District Officer Ganesh Nepali said that children are becoming more insecure due to the risk of being trafficked from their families. He further explained that children are more at risk of trafficking due to the poverty, lack of information, gender violence, etc. Ganesh Bahadur Shahi, Deputy Chief of Khandachakra Municipality, who was also a special guest on the program said that such incidents will be reduced only if poor, orphaned and economically weak children can be resettled at home in order to prevent child trafficking. Similarly, during the discussion, the deputy commissioner of Tilagufa Municipality, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi commented that the government could not make an effective strategy to minimize it. He said that the trend of child trafficking and its causes are also changing and it has widened the area of the affected people. Concluding the program, Meena Rawat BK, Coordinator of Project Advisory Committee and Acting Head of District Coordination Committee, Kalikot, said that the children from the poor and underprivileged families, families where children are not supervised by their parents and children from the uneducated families are more likely to go missing, and most of the children who go missing are from extremely poor families.

With the financial support of the Next Generation Nepal, Future Generation Nepal’s project with the partnership of Kidarc Nepal project works done so far was informed to the district stakeholders organized under the leadership of Meena Rawat BK, in the presence of the Coordinator of Advisory Committee and Acting Head of District Coordination Committee Kalikot and the Chief District Officer Ganesh Nepali as the chief guest. The prevention project against illegal trafficking and trafficking of children has been working at four local levels in Kalikot’s Palata Rural Municipality, Mahabai Rural Municipality, Tilagufa Municipality, and Pachaljharna Rural Municipality. The participants of the program said that if every local government can include it in its policies and programs to conduct a special campaign on child trafficking and implement it effectively, it could be another effective step for the prevention of child trafficking.

According to the Provincial Police Office, 35 children from Karnali have been subjected to child trafficking in the past 6 years. From the financial year 2074/075 to 2079/050, only 14 people from Surkhet were involved in child trafficking. During this period, 21 people were trafficked from Salyan, Humla, Kalikot, Rukum West, Jumla, Dailekh.
According to various studies, after arms and drug trafficking, human trafficking is another problem in the world. This problem has also appeared in a very shabby form in Nepal in the recent days.

Reporter: Man Bahadur Vishwakarma / Hita
Kalikot, 16th Manghsir, 2080

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